Innovation Marketing is a Blakrise Marketing Consult (BMC) blog.
Created with the goal of equipping all entrepreneurs with cutting-edge marketing strategies for acquiring customers and increasing sales.

Every entrepreneur knows the pain of running a business with slow/no sales coming in. The problem is, there is too much noise in the public domain that if you try to listen to everyone or everything, you might end up being more confused than you started out.

Innovation Marketing Blog is meant to be the blog that gives you pure marketing goodies – without the chaff.

As a company, Blakrise Marketing Consult (BMC) is focused primarily on the African market.
So all the content that will be on found on this blog will be focused on the African entrepreneurship landscape.

While it is true that marketing strategies can work for a wide variety of markets, it is also true that the African entrepreneurship sector is very different from what is found in other continents.

Hence, the need to develop marketing strategies meant purposely for the African entrepreneur (afripreneur) and the African consumer.

Leveraging on our experience as the leading marketing consult in Africa, BMC will continue to provide invaluable content to all entrepreneurs seeking to grow their business, through this channel.

We will continue to provide cutting-edge marketing strategies for Afripreneurs to use in growing their business.

Great Damzi – BMC

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